Dystra: The Path



[kon-shuh-s]; percipience


Flow and Friction.

Flow and Friction.

there lies in-between; superheaven,
neither with nor against,
the mind of a fledgling,
withstanding false pretence.
just the flow and the friction,
will decide where we stand.

The Collective Awakening

Dystra has returned.

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The Flowers of Evil in Bloom

The Flowers of Evil in Bloom

On this very day, we pay homage to one of literature's most misunderstood romantic poets, Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Baudelaire passed away today, in the year of 1867, suffering from a stroke after being exposed to years of material worry and excessive amounts of opium and alcohol. One of the greatest achievements of his career was the publication of the volume of poems, The Flowers of Evil (Le Fleurs Du Mal) that earned him the acknowledgement of being the greatest of the 19th century French Poets. Baudelaire's success was attributed to his ability to...

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